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About us

About us
Restaurant Litermont

We are pleased to announce that the Quesada-Moreno family will be opening the Litermont restaurant on 16.01.2024.

Sit together, chat and enjoy good food together. We want to strengthen the social experience of “eating together” and have developed a traditional and exclusive menu for our guests, let yourself be spoiled by the culinary delights of our chef Alejandro Quesada and his team.

He puts a new twist on old traditions and sends your taste buds on an adventure. All our dishes consist of many different ingredients, which are perfectly matched to each other and, in the best case, let you experience a taste explosion. He and his team attach great importance to the use of fresh, regional and, above all, home-made products.

When you visit our restaurant at Litermont, we would like to invite you on a special culinary journey – a slice of the Spanish way of life in Saarland! You can expect fiery flavors, sun-drenched wines and exquisite ingredients. We serve typical dishes and of course we also serve tapas: small, delicious snacks from all parts of Spain.

We look forward to your visit!